Unexplained chest pain may signal higher heart risk

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G.O.P. Bill Would Make Medical Malpractice Suits Harder to Win

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The Cost Of Not Taking Your Medicine

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A second opinion…

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Independent Means

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Commited to you

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Best In Care

Your evaluation will completed on same day with results to your primary care doctor within 48 hours. Because we are completely independent we have a relationship wih all the region’s best hospitals. You will be cared for without any unneccesary delay or inconvenience

Troublesome Symptoms

It is very important to see your doctor if you experience certain warning signs. Dr. Asif Hussain MD FACP FACC can see you within 24 hours and offer a comprehensive cardiovascular evaluation.

A Second Opinion

We take a close look at our patients to determine if in fact they need any specific invasive treatments or tests. Individual patients have unique challenges and we make certain your treatment plan meets your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

No cardiovascualr question is too big or too small, but some are asked more than others. Find an easy answer to yours here.


This state of the art facility offers the complete line of
cardiovascular services

Cardiac evaluation
Coumadin Monitoring
Pacemaker and ICD checks
Vascular Ultrasound
Cardiac Ultrasound
Exercise Stress Testing
Chemical Stress Testing
Cardiovascular Profile
Vestibular Testing


Your evaluation will be completed on same day with results available to your primary care doctors within 48 hours.

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